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Heart Disease In Pets

When you think about your pet’s health do you ever think about their heart? Heart problems are actually relatively common in older pets, especially dogs. For humans we worry about coronary artery disease and atherosclerosis, the most common causes of heart attacks. Pets are different! They do not develop the same type of heart disease [...]

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The Poop-Scooting Boogie: What Scooting Says About Your Pet

It’s an action so comical, it’s often featured in cartoons and commercials: A pet sitting down, lifting her back legs, and scooting her hind end right across a freshly cleaned carpet. As funny—and horrifying—as this simple act seems, it signals a potentially serious problem. Scooting, licking, or chewing at the hind end can signal trouble [...]

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The Pet Owner’s Fourth of July Safety Checklist

America’s birthday is nearly here! Don’t forget about your furry friend while planning your Fourth of July celebrations. Use the following checklist to keep your pet safe and secure this Independence Day. Reduce your pet’s fear and anxiety Fireworks displays are beautiful and fun for us, but they can be terrifying for our pets. Many [...]

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Disaster Preparedness: 5 Steps to an Emergency Plan for Your Pet

Disasters and emergencies happen at a moment's notice and vary in severity. Many families have prepared an emergency plan, but have not included their pets. Here’s how you can keep your pet safe during emergencies in five easy steps. Step 1: Know your region's climate In Florida, we see a variety of natural disasters, such [...]

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4 Things Your Pet May Be Allergic To

Spring is notorious for causing itchy, runny eyes and sneezing fits in people. But, did you know your pet may also have allergies? When your pet is sensitive to something—referred to as an allergen—her immune system overreacts and causes an allergic reaction. Unlike the respiratory signs people experience, the most common symptom of allergies in [...]

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Pet Health Insurance: Critical Coverage or Unnecessary Cost?

Most pets will require emergency medical care at least once in their lifetime, and pet owners facing emergency situations will want to be able to provide the life-saving medical treatments their pets need. Medical costs can quickly climb—are you prepared with the funds to pay for potentially costly care? Only a fraction of pet owners [...]

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Effects of Dental Disease in Pets

February is National Pet Dental Health Month, a time when the veterinary community emphasizes the importance of oral health care for our pets. Why is this so important? By age three, approximately 80 percent of dogs and cats show signs of dental disease. With the majority of dental disease occurring under the gum line, a [...]

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